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Closeted Taylor Swift Fan Confessional: Feminist Guilt Alert


So let me start off with the disclaimer that a) I am a Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor at the moment, so my head is constantly being filled with the feminine and the feminist. I know these topics probably aren’t on everybody’s list of daily thoughts and to-do’s, but they are most definitely on mine, whether they are always welcome or not. and b) my personal definition of feminism is that it is a movement toward liberty, justice and equality for all. I know that’s not everyone’s definition of feminism, but it is mine. Other definitions are welcome, of course, but this is the one that I’ve adopted — I know people often fear the “F word” (in this case, “feminism”), but…you know…hater’s gonna hate…and the haters also tend to be misinformed/uninformed, but that’s a whole other conversation.

Which brings me to an explanation regarding why on earth I am writing a blog post about Taylor Swift and feminism: in my Feminism and Pop Culture class, we were asked to write about a music video with a “feminist lens.” So here’s the confession: I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT. Like a lot. It’s pretty embarrassing. But whatever. Back to the discussion. I picked a Taylor Swift song. “Fifteen” to be exact.

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