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Cliché Beginner Blogger Blues


OK, so I never thought I’d write one of “those” posts. After being an avid blog reader for years upon years upon years, I dreamed of starting my own blog. I thought I’d have so much inspiration and pent up creative energy — and the truth is, I do…BUT…it’s just hard to post on a regular basis when it’s such a new thing! Is anyone even reading? Who knows! But you have to start somewhere, right?

It’s nice to know that I have a bunch of classmates in the same boat, though. I thought this would seem “old hat,” when I started blogging…I’ve worked for a newspaper, written for a small magazine, update my Facebook and Twitter nonstop. I Instagram often. This is just another form of social media, right? Well, maybe not. Blogging is extremely interactive in a deeper way than a status update or posting a photo. And it’s totally different than writing for a publication — a traditional publication, that is. Because you can see who reads your blog…or who doesn’t read it. You can see how often someone reads it. You can see if no one’s reading it at all. And that, quite frankly, is intimidating! (Sidebar: Yes, I know exclamation points are frowned upon in journalism. But this is my blog. And that’s that.)

So is this whole beginner blogger blues business normal? Is it common? Most likely. I bet there are millions and millions of posts just like this one out there. So it’s probably even annoying that I’m writing this. But oh well!¬†

Because a clich√© post is better than no post. Here’s to breaking the radio silence!

So how about you, fellow bloggers out there? Did you have the blues when you began your blog? How’d you get through it? How have things changed over the course of your blog’s life? Leave a comment below, pretty please!

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