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A Spring Dress & Snowflakes // A Belated Birthday Style File


My birthday takes place on the cusp of Spring & on the tail end of Winter, so my birthday weather has always been bipolar at best here in the Midwest. Last year, Mother Nature gave me the gift of mid-60-degree weather, but she had vastly different plans for me this time around.
Even though it was bitter cold, windy and flurried throughout the day, I was bound and determined to rock a spring dress that day. Since Spring is my most favorite season to style, it’s no surprise I always insist upon dressing for the Spring on my birthday.
This, of course, meant layers upon layers for lunch and our family trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum. That didn’t stop me from donning my favorite Modcloth dress, some coral-colored tights and some combat boots with a ruffled, feminine detail. Top it off with a glittery gold belt, a fun necklace,a green cardigan and a bright canary-colored coat, and I was ready to brave the cold in my favorite Springtime attire.


How do you rock Spring dresses during the transitional time between Old Man Winter and sunny Spring? What are your favorite trends in transition right now? Let’s share style tips!